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At Vance Thompson Vision in Alexandria, MN, our goal is to treat you as a special guest and provide you with exceptional care and attention. When you entrust us with the care of your eyes, our highly experienced team, led by Dr. Deborah Ristvedt, concentrates on achieving the most successful surgical outcome using the most advanced cataract surgery available. Vance Thompson Vision sets the standard in quality vision correction with the region's only doctor team fellowship-trained in corneal and refractive surgery. This experience, met with the most thorough menu of surgical implant options, makes Vance Thompson Vision your clear choice for the most advanced cataract surgery available.

A cataract is a clouding of the normally clear lens in your eye. Though painless, cataracts can blur your vision by restricting the amount of light that enters your eye. In addition to hazy vision, indications of cataracts include increasing nighttime glare, poor night vision, and a change in how your eyes perceive colors. 

Most people's lenses will naturally become a bit cloudy as they age and because cataracts tend to develop slowly, surgery may not be immediately necessary. But when your ability to read, drive, or carry out other normal activities is hindered in any way, cataract surgery will likely be the best possible solution.

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In a healthy eye, the iris (the colored part of the eye) regulates the amount of light that enters the eye through the pupil. The light passes through the lens where it is focused onto the retina at the back of the eye. Signals are then sent from the retina to the brain via the optic nerve where they are translated into the images you see. An eye with a cataract functions normally except that the lens has grown cloudy. Light enters the eye as usual, but the clouded lens disperses the light, causing the retina to have difficulty transmitting a clear image. Therefore, because the light that the retina receives is patchy, the retina's transmissions to the brain are also affected, resulting in hazy, blurred vision.

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The most important step is to visit your eye doctor so that he or she can evaluate your vision. This evaluation will generally include vision tests, an eye exam and a review of your medical history to uncover any other vision problems you may have. If you are found to have cataracts, the team at Vance Thompson Vision in Alexandria, offers refractive cataract surgery, the most advanced cataract surgery combined with the most exhaustive laser and implant options you will find anywhere in the region.

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The most important step is to visit your eye doctor so that they can evaluate your vision. Call our Alexandria, MN office today to make an appointment for a cataract consultation.

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